where to share short links increase link clicks ways, increate website traffic ways

As I mentioned in the previous article, we can make money by sharing short links. If you still don't know why short links can make money, you can take a look at my previous article on how to share  link to make money, there is a detailed description.

share link make money

The problem that many of our friends face is that it's easy to generate short links that make money, but where do I go to share my short links? How can I let more people see my short links? How can I get more people to click on my short link to make more money? This is also the topic I want to discuss today. How to share short links? Where to share short link? In what way do you share short links?where is the best site to share my short URL?

where to share short links


understand your target audience

What is the real content of your short link, is it a video, an article or an image? If it is a video, what is the content of this video? What kind of users would like to see your video? If you say that your short link share is very wide and there are a lot of potential users, then there is a good chance, the click rate will be quite high, and you can make more money through high click-through rate. Therefore, it is important to understand what kind of target users are.

The value of your short link

Users who have no value will not pay for it. Therefore, your content must be valuable. Never copy a random link to generate a short link, and then share it on various social networks or blogs, waiting for the user to click on your short link. The result is only a long wait, a very small amount of viewing rate and click rate, one of the important reasons is that your short links are of no value to the user, they have no desire to view. Because your content doesn't help them, even the obvious advertising content. Therefore, your short links must be valuable to the user and can help them, so that even if they click on the opening, they may pop up ads, but they can accept this behavior, and they will eventually get what they want.

Where to share short links to make money

share short link on facebook

We can share short links to facebook. However, facebook is blocking some websites classified as ad types, just like the short link website zagl I am using, it is blacklisted by facebook, so no matter what you post Post, comment, share, etc., as long as the content contains sites classified as spam, none of them can be submitted successfully. So, do we have other methods? How to let facebook not block our short links, I have several recommended practices here.

1. Use a short link as a watermark for the image

what is the best link shortener for Facebook?

This is an effective way. Facebook is not smart enough to automatically recognize your image text, read it, and then determine if it contains spam content, at least it hasn't done so yet, right? The picture is in the background of a solid color or a more vivid color. Then, add some descriptive content or promotional text to attract the user's attention. They will be very curious to manually enter this short link address in the address bar to access, because our address is short enough, right.

2. Process the short link again

You can use bitly to process short links again, because bitly is not currently blocked by facebook. But it has a disadvantage. If you use bitly to reprocess a short link, when it is accessed, it will pop up a warning box, prompting a re-shorten link warning.

how to share short link

3. Put a short link in the video (same method)

4. Join as many facebook groups as possible

how to shorten a link for social media?

Facebook has a lot of groups, and it is very targeted, so you can add different groups according to the content type of your short link to send promotional links. For example, my short links are all my blog posts and some YouTube videos, the main content is to teach you how to make money online. Most of the channels I add are some facebook groups related to making money and investment, and these group managers almost do not review the articles (other groups may review whether the content has strong relevance to the group), so send some articles, pictures, videos are still relatively smooth.

Increase traffic with pinterest

how to share pinterest board on iphone

Pinterest is a picture-based website. Every day, hundreds of millions of pictures are uploaded. The picture belongs to a user board. The concept of board is the same as our YouTube playlist. Therefore, using the characteristics of the board, it is very relevant. Strong board name and then upload related images to our board is essential!

how to short link on pinterest

Each image can be set with its title, content, and a custom link address. We can put our short link on this link address. The premise is that the quality of your images must be able to attract users to click and browse. This way users click on the website to add traffic to our short links.

share short link to instagram

how to share link to instagram

instagram and pinterest are similar. They are all websites that share content based on images. The specific rules here can be explored by themselves. Because personal use is relatively small, it is not outlined here.

share short links on telegram or whatsapp

how to share link on whatsapp status

These two types of chat software are similar and they share many common features. The basic idea is to join our short links by joining different groups and then grouping messages. My blog post has recorded a lot of group invitation links, and I also explained in a separate article how to join a whatsapp group by invitation link.

latest whatsapp group invite link in 2019
How to join the whatsapp group via the invite link

One thing to note is that whatsapp will ban your account if you find that the same account keeps sending messages to different groups. Therefore, it is best to send the group three times in the morning, evening and evening. This effect is currently very good, can quickly make your short link clicks increase, creating more passive income.

comment on big traffic forums, blogs

how to share link on blog or forum

High-traffic blogs and forums are also one of our best shorten link sharing platforms. There are billions of traffic every day, so the comment area or their own comments and posts can also get a very high amount of presentation, these high amount of presentation will have a chance to convert into the clicks of our short links. As long as our content is helpful to users, we will end up with good clicks. However, you can't send a link directly in the comment area without taking any of your own opinions and opinions, so users will hate it, and the platform will think that you are a spam behavior, which limits your behavior and requires special attention.

put a short link on all account profile descriptions

We need to place as many of our short money-making links as possible in all areas that do not violate the rules. For example, we can put our short links in the profile description text. In this way, when someone clicks to view our profile, there is a chance that we will click on our short link. In short, it is all the way to expose your own short links to make money.

upload valuable information

share link make money

You can upload some valuable documents or tutorials on some resource sharing websites. After uploading, there will usually be a file download address. We only need to make this file address a short link for sharing. But the premise is that your information must be helpful to others in order to get clicks.

Q&A website to answer questions

share link earn money in quora

We can also answer questions related to our topic on the Q&A website. For example, my blog and video mainly teach you how to make money online, so the answer to my question is generally: online money making, passive income, wealth growth and so on. Everyone's hobbies are different from those who are not good at them. They choose the problem areas that suit them best according to their own situation.

It's worth noting that large Q&A sites, like Quora, are blocked on the urls of many profitable web platforms, so this time you have to use a little trick, you can put short links in our blog, and then paste our article address. In the content we answered, this can avoid the suspicion of suspected advertising.


short links are a great way to make money, and we also want to do everything we can to promote our short links to make money. The points mentioned in the article are a few good ways. You can research and explore more suitable promotion methods. If you have good ideas and ideas, you can comment at the bottom of the article, or contact me. I hope to discuss and learn with everyone.


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