Why do women mostly have long hair?

In fact, I think the most important thing is the feeling, not the length of the hair. Hair can show a person's character, some people like long hair, some people like short hair. It gives me the feeling that many boys still prefer girls with long hair. (Personal opinion) Former boyfriend likes long hair, but I am a short hair. I feel that my short hair is not gentle, and later I am lame, of course, not all hair.
The image of women with short hair is often strong, confrontational, strong, or a strong and refreshing feeling. Imagine a slim woman standing by the stream, the black hair and the soft hair dancing with the breeze. . That kind of beauty can best reflect the feminine beauty of a woman. But it is not a denial of the girl who has short hair. Just saying that everyone likes that picture.

1. Feminine feeling very gentle: long hair fluttering, full of tenderness and femininity, especially the taste of women. Long-haired girls will make boys feel that girls are particularly gentle and lovely, and feel very ladylike.
2. Sexy: play with long hair, slowly put the headline on the ear, long hair, exudes a charming fragrance, can make the boys fly, and the unintentional loss of the boys is full of enthusiasm.
3. Inspire males to protect their desires: Girls with long hair are weak, so that boys have a desire to protect, and feel that their image is much higher. The girl with long hair makes the boy feel that the girl is very youthful and energetic.
4. There are lines: long hair, bumpy body, so that women's lines are more beautiful. Long hair is more aesthetic, and it is easy for a straight man to have the illusion of a goddess. Of course, short hair girls are also very cute. And now many girls stay long hair because long hair can change a lot of shapes, maybe change hair color, hair micro-roll, you can become a goddess.

And the length of the hair can cover a lot of deficiencies, such as:
1. Round face. Round face is suitable for more curly hair, you can rely on the curl of the hair to modify the face.
2. Long face. Square face This face type can rely on the more popular eight-character bangs to modify the angular shape, suitable for the natural shape of the mandible with curling. And long hair rolls will be very small.
3. Gentle long hair fried chicken gentle girlfriend hairstyle. Micro-volume or straight hair, creating a fluffy air, lazy and casual, is my most beautiful hairstyle☺️
4. The ball head. The high ball head is also the girl's favorite, the summer is the coolest.
5. Horsetail. Horsetail is the most favored hairstyle in summer. After winding the hair, it is too hot, just tie a high ponytail! Youth and vitality! The hair is up in the winter, the hair is rolled up and the hair is loosened and tied with a low pony tail~ It is another kind of winter lazy wind.
6. Twisted sputum. If you don't have curly hair or trouble, you can loosen a high-tailed pine to make a twist, convenient and beautiful. In fact, I feel that no matter how long hair short hair I like, it is actually a favorite of my own. After all, girls like a variety of styles.


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