The 16th ChinaJoy in 2018, Shanghai cosplay game show play record!

From August 3rd to 6th, 2018, the 16th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the most influential annual event in the global digital entertainment field, this year's ChinaJoy fully demonstrates the theme of “New Technology, New Entertainment and New Value”, and focuses on IP, covering games, animation, Internet film and music, and online literature. Digital entertainment, such as e-sports, smart entertainment software and hardware, and new entertainment formats, has become the development trend of the digital entertainment industry.

This year's ChinaJoy has a clear-cut vision and outstanding characteristics of the times. The theme "New Technology, New Entertainment and New Value" expresses the new requirements of this year's ChinaJoy based on the development of the industry, highlighting the new kinetic energy, the positive energy of entertainment, and the new value of the content. It is presented on the international platform such as ChinaJoy. The green and healthy new entertainment culture demonstrates the vitality of the digital entertainment industry.

This year, ChinaJoy launched a number of thematic activities to promote core values, strengthen cultural self-confidence, inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture, and establish an international brand image based on Chinese characteristics. First, the “Digital Content Display Area” was established for the first time at the entrance hall of No. 3 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme exhibition area is hosted by People's Daily Online and ChinaJoy organizer Hanweixinheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. Here, in vivid form, it shows the vigorous development and brilliant achievements of digital content in China in recent years, highlighting the positive results and correctness of digital content in online games, online literature, animation and other fields in the new era. Core values ​​oriented. Second, the current ChinaJoy and People's Network deep cooperation, organized the "cultural confidence" dialogue section of the CDEC Summit Forum. The dialogue on “Improving the expression of cultural self-confidence” sponsored by People’s Daily invited the guests of industry companies such as NetEase Games, Mi Wei Culture and Technology, Peking University Cultural Industry Research Institute, and Pear Video to enhance the expression of traditional culture products. And to explore overseas influence through product services. Third, this year's ChinaJoy launched a "high-end interview to commemorate the 40 years of reform and opening up." During the ChinaJoy period, People's Daily launched a series of high-end interview reports, focusing on the re-shaping of traditional culture and the development of independent IP in the context of “40 years of reform and opening up”, and invited many industry development witnesses to conduct a For a high-end interview.

This year, ChinaJoy's exhibition scale and various exhibition data reached a record high. The total area of ​​the pavilion is 170,000 square meters, occupying 15 pavilions. Among them, ChinaJoy BTOC interactive entertainment exhibition area gathers the world's top digital entertainment companies to showcase the latest products in the field of digital entertainment in special installations. The ChinaJoy BTOC (including eSmart and CAWAE) has a total of 11 exhibition halls with an area of ​​130,000 square meters, bringing together the world's top digital entertainment products, and nearly 300 Chinese and foreign exhibitors. ChinaJoy BTOB Comprehensive Business Negotiation Zone is an important business docking platform for digital entertainment products export, import, cross-domain (variety, film, literature and other IP) transactions and other business. The ChinaJoy BTOB has a total of 4 exhibition halls with an area of ​​40,000 square meters. Trade companies from 21 countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Cyprus, Finland, Myanmar, and Thailand participated in the exhibition. The number of countries in the “Belt and Road” has reached 14 in history. BTOB has more than 600 exhibitors, including more than 200 exhibitors from overseas. The intentional transaction amount of BTOB business negotiation is expected to reach 500 million US dollars. These fully demonstrate that the ChinaJoy platform has become the best stage for digital entertainment companies at home and abroad to show their image and strength. The total number of visitors to the exhibition for four days reached 354,500 person-times, creating a new record in the history of the exhibition! Among them, the number of visitors on the single day of August 4 was as high as 133,000, and the history of 121,000 people last year was refreshed again, creating the highest number of visitors to ChinaJoy in one day!

In order to vigorously promote the healthy development of the e-sports movement, it will vigorously promote Shanghai's strategic process of building a “global e-sports capital”, enhance the global competitiveness of the e-sports industry, and transmit the voice of the e-sports industry. It will be held on August 4th to “be more competitive”. The theme of the 2018 Global E-sports Conference was jointly guided by the Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau and the Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Government. The national industry authorities, Shanghai leaders, global e-sports industry institutions and well-known e-sports business leaders were invited to give speeches. Promote the development of new initiatives in the e-sports industry, and discuss new trends in the development of the global e-sports industry from multiple perspectives, dimensions, and fields. At the same time, this year's ChinaJoy has created: 2018 Global E-sports Conference + ChinaJoy e-sports competition, including the e-sports industry series activities, to promote the booming e-sports industry.

The Global Game Industry Summit was held on August 3rd. The theme of this year's summit was “Creating New Values ​​in Games”, which invited mobile games, VR games, indie games, H5 games, small program games and educational games. Representatives of the types of game companies, in-depth analysis of the development of the game industry, extensive discussion of the frontier topics of the game industry, professional exchange of game product development and application, authoritative release of the game industry trends.

The China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) was held from August 2nd to 3rd. It is a forward-looking, international and professional game industry R&D technical conference. It will follow new developments and masterpieces of game development at home and abroad, and invite many international companies. First-class game producers will participate in seminars and provide technical analysis. This year's CGDC is based on the theme of “Technology and Travel” and is divided into host/PC games, mobile games, indie games, art/music, game operations, sponsors and more. In addition, in conjunction with the current blockchain industry hotspots, China's blockchain technology and game developer conference was added for the first time this year.

At the same time, this ChinaJoy period also held: ChinaJoy Cover Coser cover contest, ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival National Competition, ChinaJoy Dance Super National Dance Festival, ChinaJoy Live Music Carnival, ChinaJoy E-sports Contest, International Robot Carnival, etc. activity. These concurrent activities have further enriched and enriched ChinaJoy's digital entertainment brand activities, and will cover a wide range of enthusiasts and young people in games, animation, secondary, music, e-sports, digital entertainment.

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