How does a bowl of 18 yuan instant noodles bring me to the climax of life?

I went home last night and saw this instant noodle in the supermarket downstairs.

Man Han dinner, a friend said that this instant noodles is very delicious, so I bought a home to try it. When I paid the cash at the checkout counter, the boss repeatedly brushed it several times and showed 18 yuan, so I called it. The boss wife looked at what happened, the proprietress said that the instant noodles is 18 yuan, the brain is not good to buy, at this moment, the boss's cell phone rang: "WeChat received payment to 18 yuan."

The first time I ate 18 yuan of instant noodles, it was inevitable that I was nervous. Since I went home last night, it was more than 9 o'clock. In the principle of health and longevity, after half an hour of entanglement, I decided to eat again tomorrow morning.

Early the next morning, I got up early, thinking about the 18 yuan instant noodles. The sleep last night was still awkward and uneasy. After a series of necessary steps such as bathing and dressing, I decided to make this bowl of valuable instant noodles at the sacred moment at 9:15.

The first step is to come first before unpacking.

Two steps, open the cover.

Remove the plastic packaging of the cover, the feel of the whole bowl is quite smooth, although there is no ceramic bowl weight and thick, no metal bowl texture and luster, but in general, this beef noodle bowl is more in line with him The value of the, then I teared it along the Kaifeng line, then, the value of 18 yuan is reflected, the upper layer protects the degree of fit between the cover and the bowl, the degree of easy tearing is an unprecedented experience, so The smooth experience, the last time I was hand-sliding off the Apple phone, the details can be designed so well, I have to say that the designer has the heart.

The third step is family portrait.

After the lid is opened, the three-pack seasoning of instant noodles is presented in front of my eyes. The vegetable bag is similar to the traditional instant noodle, instead of the traditional soy-boiled soup bag, instead of the traditional noodle sauce bag, I think of these three bags. Small things and a whole bowl of noodles will be called my stomach food. I can’t help but want to give them a family portrait of five, even if they face death, they are not afraid, still have a smile on their faces. This is the 18-yuan instant view of instant noodles, even if eaten, but also a heroic smile!

The fourth step, use boiling water to soak noodles.

After several of their brothers said goodbye one by one, they went to the boss's arms one by one in order. The vegetable brothers who first entered the market, the vegetable brothers curled up in the arms of the boss and poured them on the hot water. At that moment, they were relieved, and the vegetable brothers and brothers were tightly hugged together, like a couple in love. (Amount, run the question)

Unlike traditional instant noodles, this instant noodles only need to be added to the vegetable package. The soup bag and the cooking bag should be preheated on the instant noodle box.

The fifth step, waiting.

For a long four minutes, in order to maintain the best taste of the instant noodles, I took out the stopwatch. At this moment, watching their brothers lie together in peace, my mind is a little more gratified. This long four-minute seems to be a long time than waiting for a takeaway one hour a day. Looking at the smog outside the window for a while, the phone rings a familiar ringtone, yes! The instant noodles are good!

In the sixth step, pour in other seasonings.

I can't wait to open the packaging of the cooking bag. Large pieces of beef and beef tendon appear in front of my eyes. Yes, it is the same beef as the cover, and the vegetables that are soaked. The complete vegetable structure is not known. Where is Shuai Fu going to be high, the perfect diet structure ratio makes it surpass the nutritional value of a bowl of instant noodles, not only absorbs the nutrition on the body, but also feels very comfortable in the mood.

The seventh step, stirring.

When the chunks of beef are combined with fresh vegetables, this aroma goes straight through my nostrils to the central nervous system. It seems like a drug, I have been deeply attracted to him, controlled, it is not just a bowl of instant noodles It is a ladder leading to a higher world. When this smell is heard, the anxiety and sorrow in the heart are resolved.

The eighth step is to start.

I shuddered my hands and forked a noodle with a fork. The beef on it was shiny. When the instant noodles came into contact with my tongue, the great Chinese noodles, he inherited the glorious tradition of Chinese cuisine. The fried noodles, Chongqing noodles, and Lanzhou ramen are attached to the soul at this moment. His bowl of noodles represents the long history and tradition of Chinese cuisine. At this moment, he is not a bowl of noodles in battle, he is not a bowl of noodles!

The strength of the noodles and the deliciousness of the beef made him far away from other instant noodles. He was called the leader of the new era of Chinese instant noodles. If you take this bowl of noodles and give me a bowl, I think of me. Can't eat it, he is a bowl of instant noodles, hehe!

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