Why is the name of the giant panda in Shanxi not as good as the giant panda in Sichuan?

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Recently, Laoshan was screened by giant pandas. One is the Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Giant Panda National Park. The Giant Panda National Park has a total area of ​​438,600 hectares in Shaanxi Qinling District, covering more than 80% of wild giant pandas and more than 70% of giant panda habitats. This marks Shaanxi Province. The pilot project of the Giant Panda National Park has entered a new stage; the other is that the three newly born Qinling Giant Panda babies have their own names this year - "Qin Queer", "Jiajia" and "Garden Garden". The meaning of these three names Yes: Qinling is the home of giant pandas. Under the giant panda national park system, the Qinling giant panda protection business has ushered in new development opportunities.

When it comes to the national treasure giant panda, people tend to think that it is a unique product of Sichuan. In people's minds, the giant panda is the "spokesperson" of Sichuan. However, what is not well known to the public is that with regard to giant pandas, Shaanxi's position is equal to that of Sichuan: the most densely populated panda habitat in Shaanxi, the rarest wild giant panda in Shaanxi, the “beauty in the national treasure” in Shaanxi, The rare brown giant panda is also in Shaanxi! But when it comes to giant pandas, is your first reaction to Sichuan or Shaanxi? It is clearly a national treasure. Why are the giant pandas in Sichuan being lined up by people, but the giant pandas in Shaanxi are not known?

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What is special about Shanxi giant pandas?

Precious because of the Qinling Mountains. The Qinling Mountains are the central mountain range in the heart of China and are known as the Chinese Father Mountain. Among the Qinling Mountains, there are more than 300 wild giant pandas. It is a unique giant panda population with unique genetic characteristics. Its shape is different from that of Sichuan and Gansu distribution areas, and it has extremely important ecological, scientific research and protection value. .

Symbiotic due to easy seeing. The habitat and potential habitat of giant pandas in Qinling Mountains is 608,800 hectares, distributed in 11 counties such as Foping, Yangxian, Zhouzhi, Taibai and Ningshan in Shaanxi, and 19 nature reserves such as Foping and Changqing. There are 7.8 giant pandas per 100 square kilometers in the area, and the density is the highest among the Chinese mountain systems.

It is lovely because of the round face. According to the research of Professor Fang Guosheng of Zhejiang University, Sichuan giant panda has a long head, a sudden mouth, and a black and white color. The giant panda in Shaanxi has a round head, a flat facial, and a brownish coat. To put it simply, the Sichuan giant panda is a "dog head", and the Shaanxi giant panda is a "cat head". In the panda world, the circle is beautiful, and the Shaanxi giant panda is round and round, and it is a "national treasure".

It is strange because of brown. In the impression of the average person, the giant panda is black and white. Shaanxi has the only living brown giant panda in the world. It lives in the Foping Nature Reserve in Shaanxi Province and is called the Seven Pigs. It is the only giant panda with a "color photo". The seven-breasted brown-and-white fur contrasts with the typical panda black and white color. There are only 9 brown pandas observed and rescued in China over the years, which are unique varieties in the Qinling area.

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They are all national treasures. Why are they not as famous as Sichuan giant pandas?

In 2005, the Qinling giant panda, as a population with obvious characteristics, was confirmed by world scientists and has the same status as the Sichuan giant panda. However, compared with Sichuan, the giant pandas in Shaanxi are still lonely and not well known.

One of the main reasons is that the giant pandas in Shaanxi are mainly wild, and the Qinhuangling is running around. The giant pandas in Sichuan are mainly raised by artificial cultivation.

The characteristics of Shaanxi giant pandas are wild, but it is precisely because the Qinling giant pandas are found in the wild mountains, and they are rarely captive for people to visit. It is difficult to become a scenic spot for publicity. Researchers or videographers who want to encounter wild giant pandas have to take chances, let alone ordinary tourists.

The artificial breeding technology of Sichuan giant pandas is relatively mature. The Sichuan government strongly supports the artificial cultivation of giant pandas. The number of captive giant pandas accounts for more than 90%. The giant pandas distributed around the world are basically the bases from Sichuan. Sent out.

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Moreover, the use of panda elements in Chengdu, Sichuan can be described as vivid and amazing!

In June 2017, the Chengdu Forestry Department launched a plan to expand the giant panda base to create the “Panda Capital” project, adding another to the already strong Panda economy.

The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base of “Net Red Scenic Area” has an average of more than 90,000 visitors per day. In 2018, Chengdu received a total of about 15 million tourists. The giant panda base is the first place in Chengdu's top ten network red tourist attractions.

Chengdu Giant Panda Base has established long-term cooperative relationships with scientific research institutions, tourism companies and zoos all over the world. The Chengdu Giant Panda Tour, Film Festival, Documentary and Promotional Film can be seen all over the world. Even Chengdu has a network literature award, called the Golden Panda Award. Chengdu will also build a third-highest building in the world, also known as the Panda Building.

As one of Chengdu's most iconic business cards, Panda has been integrated with the city itself, reaching out to all aspects of transportation, commerce and culture. It has become the best spokesperson for Chengdu's image and has attracted countless Chinese and foreign tourists. Panda, the city image of Chengdu and the promotion and promotion of tourism are undoubtedly huge. This is very worth learning in Shaanxi and Xi'an.

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How does Shanxi play this "panda brand"?

In recent years, Shaanxi has recognized the importance of promoting giant pandas. Up to now, 16 panda protected areas have been built in Shaanxi, and the number of artificially grown giant pandas has been increasing. The Giant Panda National Park in Shaanxi Qinling District is an excellent publicity window for Shaanxi giant pandas.

Shaanxi pandas are no longer as low-key as in previous years. The "cultural symbols" of giant pandas are becoming the new endorsement image of Shaanxi. Whether it is the mascot of the 14th Movement or the various publicity activities on the Qinling Giant Panda Culture, the Qinling Giant Panda Protection Research and Cultural Construction Achievements are displayed in the Jinling, and the popularity, reputation and influence of the Qinling Giant Panda are enhanced.

Shaanxi uses the cultural symbol of giant panda to explain the new concept of development. The giant panda's "endorsement" will become the most attractive Shaanxi soft power. Through "Panda Diplomacy", a series of friendly cooperation will be launched with the giant pandas as an opportunity. This will promote the giant panda from "cultural panda" to "economic panda" to help Shaanxi develop.

Shaanxi's cultural heritage is very rich, but the output image is slightly single, and the giant panda cultural symbol is the broken person. From this point of view, telling the story of Shaanxi to the world and creating more popular symbols of Shaanxi culture is not only the opportunity of local enterprises, but also the opportunity of industry. In fact, it is also the key to further enhance the cultural soft power of Shaanxi. This also requires all walks of life in Shaanxi to move together, do a good job of this cultural IP, and share the development dividend brought by the gods.

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On the other hand, the emphasis on giant pandas is the embodiment of Shaanxi's ecological first-class concept, to promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and promote the construction of beautiful Shaanxi. It can be said that "ecological energy" will be a major engine for Shaanxi to catch up with. The Giant Panda National Park is located in the Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi. It is the green heart of China and the ecological barrier and ecological root of Shaanxi. Taking the opportunity of protecting the giant pandas, repairing the Daqin Mountain is the vitality and vitality of the development of Yongzheng Shaanxi.

Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Bureau said that Shaanxi will accelerate the pilot project of the Qinling District of the Giant Panda National Park in accordance with the principle of “protection priority, green development, and harmonious symbiosis”, conscientiously implement the protection and restoration project of the Qinling Giant Panda Habitat Ecosystem, and actively carry out the Qinling Mountains. Innovative research on the protection and breeding of giant pandas, and strive to build Qinling into a global biodiversity conservation demonstration zone.

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The land of Sanqin needs the continuous development of the economy, and it needs the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. In the future, the Qinling Giant Panda will become a new way to “open” Shanxi.

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