How do I make $20 every day with Google AdSense?

$10 a day from AdSense is easy as hell. I will show you a complete step-by-step procedure that will help you to reach $10 a day.

Three years ago, I have a blog that got 20k page views from social media and made me $7, I was confused as hell. I should have earned $70–$80 but no, then I realize that the two most important factors for making good amount of money from AdSense is: the type of traffic and the origin of the traffic by the country.

How to make $20 every day with Google AdSense?

1. Write a long-form blog post targeting a keyword that has low-traffic and low keyword difficulty. Even if you are a new blogger or having a less exposure to making backlinks, this will be get you some organic traffic. One thing you need to remember that traffic is the key.

2. Write long-form posts, 40–50 Targeting the LSP keywords. This will takes you a month or two. If you want to make quick money, then I am sorry, you can try some other schemes but you will end up complaining that "someone scam you".

3. Optimize your ads. Add links ads inside the content, responsive ads and in-article ads to improve your CTR. The better the CTR, the more money will make. Let say, you and me have same pageviews and same CPC but your CTR is 2% and my AdSense CTR is 3%, who will make more money? Definitely, me.

4. Marketing: you have write a long-form content but now it is time for doing some marketing. If Quora is ranked for the target keyword, add a long-form answer on Quora and add your link at the bottom. No, it is not spamming. Quora define spamming when you are not adding any value in your answer or the link you have posted give no value to the user and is full of ads. Write a unique article on Medium.

Is this is enough for getting a $10/day from Google AdSense? No and yes.

If you have a weak marketing strategy, then maybe you can't make that amount of money.

Forget what I have told you above.

If you managed to get a traffic of 2k from the United States or the UK, you will easily cross $20 a day.

But, that strategy will work for you if you want to make more with less.

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