How to make money from short videos

They are not deceiving, at least I disapprove. At present, short videos are very popular from the media, and a smart phone can do it. As long as you master the public psychology, it is normal to shoot hundreds of thousands of videos. Compared with the tens of millions of investments of TV stations, the cost can be neglected. For many young people with dreams, this is a good opportunity to become famous overnight. Today I will give you a detailed introduction to the short video operation skills in five aspects.
make money by make videos

Suitable for your own positioning

First, it's best to choose a vertical segmentation area because there are now two types of short videos: one is for pan-entertainment and one is for vertical content. The pan-entertainment content has been flooded by everyone, and more opportunities are to choose some vertical areas, such as food, travel, health and so on.

I personally recommend that you look for some areas that are more scarce, such as teaching you how to raise flowers, how to fish, or how to make a girlfriend, etc., to make such content, it is easier for you to flood the short video. The content grows brilliantly.

The second is to cut into one area that you are interested in and good at. How to choose your own vertical segmentation area? You have to think about how the future will be realized. The mainstream cash flow methods now include e-commerce, advertising, and fan economy.

For example, if I do flower cultivation, I might say that my future monetization method is in e-commerce. If you are taught to pick up a girl, you may say that there will be a series of knowledge courses in the future. At this time, I can pay for it. When you think about these things, it will be very convenient to realize when you mature in the future.

Team operation is the foundation

Short video imagination is a lot of space, but it is not easy to do it well. If you really want to be big, it is best to set up a short video team, personal advice is to give priority to people who choose some traditional media background. There are two kinds of people like this: one is the content direction, and the other is the operation direction. These two also form the core of the short video content team.

In terms of content, you can choose some producers or directors who are in Taiwan, and the operators should choose some friends who play with themselves and have media from the media.

With a qualified short video creation team, the next key is how to conduct an effective division of labor between teams.

For example, the team that makes food from the media, each director and producer will report 10 to 20 questions every day, and they will choose three to five better topics from among the ten to twenty topics. .

After the selection of the topic, the choreographer and the production staff began to create: for example, writing, filming, and making a film. At this time, the colleague at the operating end began to make the title and copywriting simultaneously. Create titles, upload videos, and monitor the playback of each platform. This series of work requires teamwork.

Content operations are key

Take YouTube as an example. In my opinion, YouTube’s operations specifically have the following key points:

1. Study the platform's game rules and make full use of the new features that YouTube gives you: such as the dual title feature, the double-label feature is very helpful for traffic, because it allows you to pass a bad title, The second subtitle regained the opportunity for traffic.

2. Some other options that YouTube provides to the editor in the background, we can't ignore it. For example, the keywords, categories, and keywords appearing in the title will determine which category your content is judged by default.

3. Another very important and easily overlooked content is the YouTube index. The YouTube index consists of several aspects, including your content verticality, update frequency and content health, interactive data, conversion rate (play volume / recommended volume). ).

Apply for the YouTube Partner Program

First of all, the short video is best to shoot by yourself, so it is easier to apply for profit, but need to pay attention: as a viewer to shoot TV or stage shows and performances, this can not apply for original.

Second, I recorded it myself. For example, some game players, recording their own game process with high-quality commentary, or some professionals, recording online courses, such content as long as the operator is the YouTube channel owner, it is easier to apply for the original label .

Once again, what I made, that is, the second creation we said, such as mixed cuts, movie commentary, etc. Secondary creation requires a high level of production. It is difficult to apply for the YouTube Partner Program if it is simply a patchwork, or if the text content is turned into a picture, ppt is played, and low-quality content is difficult.

Finally, in order to better apply for the YouTube Partner Program, it is recommended that you reflect your copyright information in the video content. For example, the title of the film that I made, the LOGO watermark at the end of the film, helps the machine and platform to better recognize. Personal advice is to create high-quality content, because only high-quality content can get better recommendations.

Business realization method and future

There are many friends around us who are doing short videos. The most basic one is to make video advertising platforms. It is normal for one person to enter three or five thousand a month. The higher level is to use short video to drain to content e-commerce and earn commission.

If you are a team operation, there are more ways to realize in the future. For example, the content of food and tourism, the future will be more suitable for the mode of content e-commerce; you can also be a small and beautiful content company, it may be said that our team has only ten people, two Ten people, but my fans are numerous, I have a relatively core IP, I can be a fan community, do my own membership payments, and the benefits are good.

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